Monday, December 10, 2007


As part of Epic's desire to make its website a "community and cultural portal" and not a just a place of information, my blog is an assortment of occasional insights, musings, and goings-ons from my life. In a world of increased self-importance and self-absorption through blogging, my intent is not to add another to the junk pile. But as a "full-time religious person" (I don't perceive myself that way, though I do occasionally feel that way) and as a semi-public person (even if it's only in our own church community), there can be a general curiosity about what is going on inside a pastor's life (and head). To that end, I hope to bring to light what I'm thinking about or living or failing at any given time, letting you into my world, however scary I realize that might be. Nevertheless, hope you enjoy!

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