Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fullerton House Church Christmas

Our Fullerton house church ended the 2007 year the way we eating! This time a Christmas bash at Diane and James Harrison's place.

Getting in line early for our ham (2x) and dessert (5x) dinner.

A break in the action, and oh so happy with their white elephant gifts! I should have shot video...Absolutely the loudest, most chaotic, and involved white elephant exchange ever...everyone was making rulings as the game went on...ended with a controversial last second "doubles" role of the dice by Luis (who swears it was before time expired), saving him from taking home the "Wedding with Bella" DVD he brought last year. Sheer madness!

Albert, the maddest white elephanter of them all! Will even still from children, and use his daughter in the heist!

Celebrating the birthdays of Diane, Clarence, Brice, and Long...and, of course, Jesus too (though that is Karina pictured, not baby Jesus).

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