Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Race & Culture

Our long-awaited series on Race & Culture is finally upon us. In a diverse congregation such as ours, we want everyone to feel good about who God has made them, and to appreciate the differences among us that enrich our community. We also want to look at race as an issue of justice, and what that means for our church in addressing corporate and systemic racism. Lastly we want to imagine Epic as a concrete expression of a new humanity where Christ makes a difference in how we see, relate, and live. There will be an 8-week series on Sundays, and a 4-session conversation in house churches and reading groups.

Here are some of the resources we will be referencing for the series:

Exploring Culture - Gert Jan Hofstede, et.al.
Mujerista Theology - Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz
Churches, Cultures & Leadership - Mark Lau Branson & Juan Martinez
Divided By Faith - Michael O. Emerson & Christian Smith
The Next Evangelicalism - Soong-Chan Rah
More Than Equals - Spencer Perkins & Chris Rice
Mirrored Reflections Young Lee Hertig, Chloe Sun, et.al.
No Partiality - Douglas Sharp
Santa Biblia - Justo Gonzalez
Race: A Theological Account - J. Kameron Carter
RACE: The Power of an Illusion (video series) - www.pbs.org/race

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