Thursday, January 14, 2010

Watch Food, Inc.

If you haven't already seen the informative and moving Food, Inc., I highly recommend it! (it's now out on DVD). Better yet, join us at Epic in the Underground Lounge on Friday, Feb 23 at 7:30PM for a viewing and discussion.

Several of us at Epic would like our church to be better informed about where their food comes from and that there are other (and more important) factors to consider than simply price and quantity. We would like our church to eat better and smarter and more justly by eating local (even growing your own produce), supporting farmers markets, and if you eat meat, to consider free-range and grass-fed. The film will tell you why.

More than a documentary about where our food comes from, it's really about doing what is right - for the small farmer, for the migrant worker, for our health, for the stewardship of the planet. The tale the film tells will leave you equally fascinated, bewildered, infuriated, and finally empowered by this simple truth: Every time we shop, we are voting with our grocery cart. Be forewarned, you will never view what you eat quite the same way again - which is the hope.

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