Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The New Sin City?

Pretty much everyday I pass by the local Chuck E. Cheese on the way to and from the 57 freeway with its smoked windows, blinking lights, and promises of a good time. I pretty much can't stand the place, and one of the beautiful things about my kids getting older is that they no longer desire to go there.Just the other day I was thinking, man, Chuck E. Cheese is the Las Vegas for kids!

Consider the parallels:

1. Overstimulation. Enough said.
2. From the inside, you can't tell what time of day it is outside.
3. So-called stage "entertainment." [By the way, what's up with the rat mascot?]
4. The place sounds like a casino.
5. You leave your money: You buy $20 worth of tokens, the kids hit the "slots" accumulating 100 tickets in half an hour, all redeemable for a plastic spider ring and other worthless &%#*!