Thursday, March 13, 2008


Got my KCRW premiums this week...still the best radio station in the world!

When I got home today, my son wanted to play baseball out back, so I pitched and he hit; then he wanted to play "pretend" baseball when we got inside, so we did that being silly; then he wanted to go upstairs to his room to play catch, so he sat on his bed and I sat on his chair and we threw a soft football back and forth. That made me very happy.

Earlier this evening, I visited Solidarity's youth photo exhibit at the Fullerton Museum near our offices. A handful of teens from the Garnet Neighborhood participated in a photography class, and this was the fruit of their love, their work on display and on sale to benefit the teen center; I was most impressed with the way each of the kids engaged with guests in such a grown up fashion, talking about their art and their experience with the process. Really nice.

Yesterday, after my annual visit with the Taxman in Long Beach, I stopped by Pick Up Stix to grab lunch. While I filling up my drink, I looked up at the wall next the soda fountain. The manager for the restaurant was KEVIN DO. Whoa! I have to admit, my initial reaction was "How did they know I was going to be here!" Weird.

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Anonymous said...

My fondest childhood memories were of simple things like tossing a ball around all day with the family.