Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Words Seem Inconsequential"

I appreciated TJ Simers' column in today's LA Times reflecting on the death of Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart. It was sensitive, sober, and heartfelt, and certainly a departure of tone for Simers. I don't know how many times I have heard people, including Christians, say that "everything happens for a reason." But that's just not true, it's not even biblical (more on this in an upcoming post). Some things, sometimes tragic things, are just senseless and unexplicable - and happen for no good reason.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kogi Run

Finally made a run to the Kogi truck last night at midnight (and paying for it today!). Came home from a great meeting for our college-prep non-profit (I think we have our program director!); Noticed on Twitter that Rowland Hts had beat out Santa Monica and Eagle Rock for Thursday's late-night Kogi rush, so I made the five-minute trip. At first it looked like a short line, but then realized it was half way up the block. But by the time I got in line and took one whiff of the downwind BBQ aroma, I was committed. Unsuccessfully tried to coax some friends out of their homes and out of their jammies to join me, but to no avail - so I braved the cold and made some new friends in line. By the time I got my tacos at 2AM I was both starving and damned tired. Reminded me of latenight Tommy runs on Rampart back in the day. But last night as I realized I was the oldest dude in line, it sunk in that maybe I'm getting too old for this kind of stuff!