Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Catching Up

I haven't blogged for about a month, but here are some highlights and lowlights from May.

1. Went to see Estelle and John Legend at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica...great show, loud, and a lot of fun! But what a fiasco with the tickets! I won't tell the whole story here, but I had tickets, then I didn't, so I canceled the ones I had that supposedly weren't the right ones, but found out later probably would have got us into the sold-out show anyway. Regardless, I raised a stink over the phone, so the guy on the other end said, "Just come down, tell Earl the security guard that Dexter said to let you guys in." "Do you want my name?" I asked. "No, just come down." Yeah, I know. But we got in :) Props to Earl and Dexter (who ended up being real people), and to Temple Bar for letting us in!

I couldn't believe we were actually this close to THE MAN!

Me and Kev Mo-Wong at Musha's for after-show dinner.

2. Got our new hardwood floors installed downstairs, creating a week of disruption, but we're happy with how it turned out.

3. Managed to get rear-ended on the way to house church.

4. Attended the homosexuality conversation at EBCLA. I have connections with all three panelists, with Ken and Gary being good friends and Marian having done Dorene and my pre-marital way back when, and in general just appreciating her perspective over the years. I knew that with those three the evening would actually be an honest conversation among friends (just overheard by 300 others). I wanted to be a friendly face in the crowd. Read more about P.Ken's thoughts on his blog

5. Got a chance to spend a week in Oahu doing some speaking at New Hope Diamond Head, for their Living Waters pilot and also the young adult group. Got to meet and eat with lots of great people from the church including Pastor Fernando, the LW leadership team, and pastors and leaders from the young adult group. Also got to see Pastor Rob Okimura, Loriann Yukihiro, and family. Thanks a bunch to Eddie Wada for inviting me to "sow into the ministry there" and for putting me up, getting me a car, and pretty much taking care of me the whole time. I don't think we ever finished any conversation before 1AM, but it was worth it! Thanks also to Karen Yonemoto for hanging out with me on Friday, and introducing me to a bunch of her friends from First Pres Honolulu. It was fun catching up (and getting lost...twice)!

For Charis, I went to the beach :)

For Jarron, I had Waiola Shave Ice (our favorite)

Friends from New Hope Diamond Head
I made them take this picture as proof that I actually did some ministry!

6. Got back from Hawaii, had back-to-back board meetings, and crashed...10 days now being terribly sick with a cold and still counting....ugh.